Name: Yuna Braska (aka Summoner Yuna)
From: Final Fantasy X
Worn at: Cosplay Bowling 2005
Cost: Around $70 CND

After playing FFX and FFX-2 I really grew to like Yuna's character and wanted to cosplay as her. However, my experience at recent cons had showed me that Yuna was a popular character to cosplay as… So I did something different. My Yuna is a 'show girl' Yuna. Sparkly, edited Yuna.

The skirt was what I did first. And it also turned out to be my first mistake. I had made the error of not checking to see if it actually fit me, and low and behold, it didn't. It was a few sizes too small… I didn't realize that the pattern was for 'misses' meaning incredibly small people. That, and I missed a side of the skirt. Whoops. So after ripping out most of the seems, I added another big part to the skirt and begin re-pleating. Pleats are hell to make btw. Tho, boning is the greater of the evils. Anyway, I finished the skirt, only to realize that it was 1 pleat too big. The hell with it. On with the fabric painting!

Several hours later, I started the obi. I had to make it bigger than it really was supposed to be because my not-so-mini-and-too-big skirt sat lower than expected. Ah well. I just got some shiny yellow fabric, ironed on the stiffest interfacing I could find, and began to fabric paint all the little details and glue gunned all of the sequins on. 8 meters of green sequins later, I did the hibiscus flower. More sequins!! It was made out of thing cardboard with red tape (because I didn't have my regular painting supplies with me) and red nail polish (for the darker red bits). I had fun doing the dangly things. I painted some beads and straws and put them on a cord that was pale pink, but was actually supposed to be beige. I wasn't going for perfection at this point. The bow at the back was hell to make. It turned out that my strip of fabric that I expertly finished off wasn't long enough, so you can see the ends. It turned out to be a little heavy, and consequently sags, but hopefully I can fix that before AN 05.

I got rid of the huge sleeves and made little ones with a shall on the side. (I borrowed my mom's $100 shall. I'm so glad I didn't kill it!!). The top I only changed slightly… wasn't much, but it looked kinda cool.

The earring I had fun making with many hours of nail polish painting. The string looped around my ear, and was kinda tight, but it worked. I do realize that for some of the pictures I was wearing it on the wrong side… So sue me. I didnt intend to wear the yellow leg warmers all day, it was just to wear them outside since it was cold that day. I just so happens that they kinda matched the costume, and I forget to take them off.

Here are a bunch of my pictures.


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