Name: White Mage
From: Final Fantasy
Worn at: Halloween 2004
Cost: Around $20 CND

I luv that cape! I can twirl around and it flares out like a cricle! Weee~

Anyway, this costume was by the far easiest. The cape itself was done in like an hour. It was the @#%&ing triangles that took so long. Having to cute out each row (of 6), ironing them, pining the folds, pinning them to the cape, then sewing them took far too long. And of course used the Ma-san fabric which is very silky, so therefore had the finish off every seem. Grr but it turned out nice... more or less. I messed up on the hood; the inside is inside out if that makes any sense. The front of the cape folds slightly inward to my disliking, clasp is not that suiting but I was limited to what I could find at the Fabric land here in Kingston. I didn't really have much time/fabric to do anything nice for underneath the cape. I just wore some white clothes… ah well.

The hammer I bought at the China Town Center in Toronto for a whopping $2.50 And yes, it does have a cheap imitation of sakura from Card Captor Sakura on it with 'Wonderful Doy' written down the bottom.

Some pics of mine

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