Name: Sango
From: Inuyasha
Worn at: CN Anime 2002
Cost: $30 ish

This is my first official costume that I wore to a convention. And I am proud of the fact that it wasn't a complete disaster. And you ask, I am aware that my 'big-ass' boomerang is backwards… I had a 50/50 chance if getting it right. Remind me never to gamble.

Anyway, I hate fun making this costume. It was mostly procrastination, because I was working up until the point when I had to leave for the convention. The black shirt was just an old (and kinda small) turtle neck with added red strips of fabric. Because of the way I did it, it was always hard to pull it over my head… live and learn I guess. The embroidery on the shirt was just some gold thread with tiny red pompoms. The white clasps were just some buttons that I found…somewhere. I just wear some black pants that I had at the time… nothing special about that. The boots I borrowed from my sister. They are one of the ones that I used for my Jubei-chan costume. The shoulder pads, elbow pads, and the knee pads were all made from various types of shoulder pads bough from my local Fabricland, and just covered in pink fabric and finished off with a grey trim. I never did like that grey… ah well. The stomach armour was just a flimsy piece of fabric… didn't do much to protect me.

The boomerang took a while to make… mostly due to my newbie skills at making props. It;s basically just paper machéed dual layers of cardboard. It was painted, then taped (the dark brown part) and yarned with a random bead that I found lying around the house. It didn't way thay much at all, and I tried to strap it around my body using some black elastic, but it didn't fall write and ended up being more of an annoyance, so I just held it.

The sword which you can barely see in my pics, was pretty bad. It was the second sword that I have ever made. I just used a rod of wood, cardboard, white paint and purple nail polish. Nothing special at all.

Over all I was happy. CN Anime 02 was my first con that I cosplayed at, and I had a good time doing it!

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