Sept 11
My Rant

It's over. Its finally over. From wednesday to saturday, my time was filled with constant cheering, yelling, meeting people and profs, running around campus and downtown, raising money by collecting beer bottles (empty ones) for Shinerama, and more! I was experiencing things that I would never have before (like the "best sound on campus"). It was awesome, crazy, and exhausting. We did the whole "Queen's tradition" too; we were giving tams (Scottish hats), coveralls (painters wear them) and did the awesome finger painting of the coveralls with Queen's tricolours: blue, gold, and red.
The froshies were divide up into groups based on faculty: the nurses, the purple engineers, commies (commerce), phys-ed, compsa (computer science which I was in), and the massive arts and science which was quite literally a huge mob. Each group got a different colour shirt; light blue for arts & sci, yellow for compsa, etc. But because there were so many people with shirts, we were encourages to "stylise" our shirts, which meant we take a pair of scissors to our shirts and have fun for an hour. I tortured mine ^__^ but got lots of comments on it.
There were several dances for those people who likes that kinda stuff, a comedian who just kinda lectured us on the whole "investing money issue" not that students actually have any money to invest, but hey. The was also a hypnotist. I was chosen as a volunteer too! I went up and got "hypnotised" with 10 other people. It didnt really work, I felt kinda tired, but all I did was just act out the part. It would have probably been better just to watch... ah well. We had lots of other events too like making a skit with each group in our faculty and performing it to the others. Each group in evry faculty had a theme. I was in a "five alive" themed group so we did a skit based on those weird five alive 5 second commercials. In the arts & sci there were over 120 groups each consisting of around 8 people. In compsa there were only 5 groups... but smaller is better!
At every event there was the "battle of the cheering." Each group was trying to out cheer everyone else. It was one big yelling, clapping, stomping, crowd of multicoloured people. I personal favourite was the "cheer for no reason" cheer. But we, being a computer science group had other techy cheers too.

shift to the left, shift to the right
pop up, push down
fight fight fight
shift to the left, shift to the right
pop up, push down
fight fight fight
Scrolling and examining
The logical control
I pointed it to null because
I thought that it was drool
A wheely mouse I rest my hand
On which we have reliance
Never fear, because we're here
We are computer science!
We're compsa and we cant be beat
We're your control, alt, delete!
Although you strive, although you try
You're obsolete like floppy drives!
You're so jealous, we can see
Cause programmers do it recursively!
programmers do it recursively...
programmers do it recursively...
programmers do it recursively...

We're all out of high school
Thinking that we're so cool
And now we come to Queen's
What does that mean?
It means we are the best!
We're better than the rest
(and I forget the rest...)

Somehow its not surprising to say that alot of people lost their voices... that and my hands hurt like hell from clapping so hard. Well, frosh week was quite an experiance. Thank god its only a once in a lifetime thing.