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May 29

I am aware that I havent updated in *long* time.... but I have excuses!! Like university midterms... then assignments... finding a house to live in next year... then final exams.. then moving my crap back to Toronto... my lazyness...

Well I'm sure u get the idea. I just came back from Anime North 2005! Unfortunatly, I dont think that I liked it as much as the past couple of years... it was just "average." I was in the mBrosia dance on friday, but not many people showed up, which was really disapointing, and made it seem like the 9 months of practicing were not worth it. Ah well. I completed my Tomoyo-hime costume in the week before con! And it actually turned out decent!! I'll have a page of that up soon. I also finished my Atashi costume in time too. I didnt take any photos this convention... I just wasnt in the mood for it. And I was too lazy to keep on recharging my batteries that dont like do hold their charge for very long. Hmmm... maybe I should get new ones...

At any rate, I'm not dead, but still appologise again for the reather large gap between updates. I will be updating more recently now since we are in the "cosplaying season." Over and out.

Jan 27

This is not really an update.. but I just found this great poster for Ad Astra and 'stole' it off Amanda and Pan-chan to post on this lil hole-in-the-wall of a site just because I like the poster! After hearing about Amanda talk so excitidly about ad astra, im thinking maybe I could go.. We'll see.
Questions that you may have about this con can be shot at Amanda at writerz.bloc@gmail.com or you can visit the official site.
Jan 12
Found a new ontario convention from cosplay.com's list that I might attend. Its in St. Catharines, so its not too far from my Toronto home. I updated the events page with this info.
Jan 11
Put up the Yuna costume page. under costumes I also put up my whole 27 pics from cosplay bowling! now I realise that most of those pics are from the dinner afterwards... ah well. Under gallery then cosplay events.
Jan 10 2005!
Finaly updated... heh heh. Ive been busy... sry for not updating earlier. That and I was away at (real) home for 3 weeks (spending one week in Victoria visiting my grandmother) and didnt have access to a computer that could update this site. ah well.

I come updating with some fancy new updates! imagine that! I finaly got around to doing the 'personal' section of my galery. I put some mBrosia meeting pics in there as well as the stuff that I did over my 3 week holiday ^__^ I didnt get around to putting up the cosplay bowling pic yet. I didnt take took many there either and of the ones that I did, they arent all that good. I'll get around to doing it eventually. I also made a new yuna (showgirl style) costume that I wore bowling. Its nice a sparkaly. I will have a page up with that soon.
Dec 8
Went to DTAC on dec 5th. Took 104 pictures. Come home to kingston. Uploaded pics only to realize that my lens was, and is still dirty and there being lots of fuzzy specs on my pics... >_<
*sigh* ah well. Nuttin can be done about it now. Come see bad, spekled pics here.
Oh yeah, I added an events page just for the hell of it. Isnt much on there...
Nov 22
Its been a long time since I've updated.. sorry. Well heres what I got for you this time: I've updated the costume page with Link and my White Mage costumes. And I've added a couple new future possibilities.
I have 20 entries in my guest book! Yeah! and I total of 1 random person whom I dont know! YAY~! And I like the 600+ hits alot. Thank you guys so much!!
Nov 9
Added a section in the Queen's gallery with pics of our unique residence T-shits!
And I just noticed that I have OVER 500 HITS!! WOOHOO~! I honestly never though that this site would grow so fast! Im so happy ^___^
Oct 28
Put up some pictures from today. They are of me, my friend Tim, and my Calculus prof dressing up for Halloween! come see here
Oct 16
Sorry for not updaring much ^^;; but there really isnt much to update... I only put a couple pics of some of my friends here at Queens... and I added my LJ link to my About Me page...and I added another future posibiliy to cosplay. nothing special.
Sept 28
Posted some mBrosia pics from one of our meetings.
Sept 17
Posted a section for the Queens pictures under gallery. Not much there, but it will grow... hopefully.
Im sure Jen (friend) will be happy to know that I FINALLY got a live journal. My user name is "kodama_girl" Come visit it here. Thats all the updates for now.
Sept 13
I finaly linked the plushy section to a page. It currently has 4 different ones that I made! woo hoo~ Theres even a downloadable video on one of them.
I also (finally) made a misc page. Its up on my blue-boxed menu. yay me~
Sept 11
I did a wrote a summary of the past few crazy days, and it turned out to be a rant... a rant thats too long to be put here. So if u have some spare time, check out my first ever rant! Hmm... maybe I should get a live journal.
btw, if you havent notice, I GOT OVER 200 HITS ON MY PAGE!! WOOHOO~!
Im happy XD.
*ahem* I want to thank my supporters, my host, my family and friends for this great achievement. It can only go higher!
Sept 6
Site update:
I finaly got around to posting my ma-san costume page and blurb. link is still yet to come. But I removed those two from the future page. Speaking of which, I also added a character on that page as well. Come see them!
Sept 5
"im the crazy american/ californian... you know you love it!"
Moved into residence yesterday and avoided the hectic rush of the offical move in day which was today. So I sat in my room silently laughing at all the people that had to drive here thru hours of traffic only to encounter even more here...he he he.
*ahem* so anyway, I finaly met my room mate who is Joy. She is from California and shes great. She plays music constantly with a great variety from all the way to irish punk to spoken poetry. She also brought her collection of over 200 DVDs. I dont think I will ever get bored here.
The residence here at Queen's called Adelaide Hall and is one of the smaller residences with only 100 students and being an all girls residence. The campus is pretty, sunny and with a nice cool breeze from the lake of which im sure I will curse come winter.
Ive settled in nicely here in my cozy little room. Only one complaint: I payed for a double, but ended up with economy beds... evil little bunk-bed tops with desks underneath them. Which is fine except for when I have to climb up this really steep small ladder with skateboard grip on them... ah well. Guess Ill jsut have to get used to it. I hope all of my other friends have moved in/ are doing well. :)
Aug 30
Went to CN Anime last weekend and brought back 200 pics! Come check em out over here. Sorry if I missed taking your pic...camera batteries kept on dieing. I only went on friday and saturday because on sunday I saw Cirque du Soleil's Allegrea, and it was spectacular! Although $100 a seat (int the 6th row) was expensive, it was well worth it. Unfortunaly, cameras were forbidden, so Idont have any pics to show... ah well.
Aug 21
Added Boxed Rice Productions on the links page. (Sorry about forgetting that Johnny ;_; )
Aug 17
I finnaly made a links page! come click on it here. Now all im missing is the misc page... but I dunno what im gonna to with it... any suggestions ?
Aug 14
Finaly put together an "about me" page... come laugh at it here.
Aug 9
Comments for the Cosplay picnic are up here.
Aug 6
My inuyasha costume page is up here. I finnaly put up my pics from Anime North 2004 complete with comments! See em here.
Aug 2
Finished the page for my Jubei-chan costume. Visit it here.
I also did a future possibility page.
Aug 1
Uploaded all of my cosplay picnic pics. Check them out here
Also uploaded some costumes and my nausicaa costume blurb + pic. See them here.
July 9
Bought my web site space and domain from