Name: Nausicaa
From: Tani no Kaze no Nausicaa
[Nausicaa of the valley of the Wind]
Movie directed by Hayao Miyazaki in 1984
Worn at: Anime North 2004
Toronto Island Cosplay Picnic
Cost: Around $100 CND

I watched the horribly cut early English version way back when I was a kid. My sister and I fell in love with the main character: Nausicaa. She is a princess who devotes her life to the study of the wastelands. She is on who would sacrifice her life to save a single innocent child.
The costume itself consisted mainly of a blue dress, which I found a similar Chinese style dress pattern for. As for the red and white bird on the front, I just fused it on the dress using a fusible material. For the bullet holders (just under the wings) I stuffed them with lipsmakers lip gloss; It was the only thing I could find that was about the right size. The belt bucket was a last minute thing made from cardboard and duck tape. For the white pants, I actually just borrowed a pair of white capris from my mother. The leg warmers, I just stuffed with quilt batting to get that bulkyness. The dagger my father carved out of a piece of pine wood (what a guy!) and I made and glued a sheath on it. The pouch and sheath material is just vinyl. The gun (it looks more like a rifle), was done again by my father. He sure is a great craftsman! I used a tape called "metallic duct tape" for the metal parts. This tape I got from a hardware store for bout $14 a roll. I also hammered in thumbtacks wrapped in the metallic duct tape for a more realistic touch. Apparently, it looked really realistic, because when I went to grab a sub from subway at Anime North, the guy behind the counter gave me this nervous look and asked if the gun was really real. The earrings I made out of baked red Sculpty. The white gloves that I used I barely ever wore, because I had to get them last minute, and the only ones that I could find were too big for me T.T ah well. The shoes are just some cheap $14 shoes I got at payless. I bought Teto (the fox-squirel) from Kikiwai. Over all, I am quite satisfied with this costume. I just keep on getting better! This was the first costume that I made completely by myself (with exception from my father's help with the props and my constantly asking my mother what the dress pattern was trying to tell me). I wish I had time to do the hat. I still have some material left… one of the days I might do it.

My pics that my dad took when I came home after AN. I was too tired to do much else... that and I had forgotten that I took my earing off a while ago... ah well.


Pics from Pan-chan

Pics from ikegami

Pics From Chibi-Zell


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