Name: Mai Tokiha
From: Mai Hime
Worn at: Anime North 2005
Cost: $60 CND

After watching the anime series, I felt that I needed to do something for it because I enjoyed it so much. So I cosplay! I picked Mai because she was the main character and the most recognisable.
I bought the *bright* orange wig for $30 and gelled the bangs 30min before I had to leave for the con. Yay for procrastination! The vest was made from a simple altered vest pattern, as was the skirt. The white trim on the vest is just folded white ribbon. The vest actually unzipped apart on the front ^__^ I bought a shirt for $4 at goodwill, and chopped off the sleeves for the under shirt. The socks I got at a store downtown and drew on the red striped with a permanent marker (cheap, I know). Shoes I got (half off!!) at $25 at Payless.
It was fun to wonder around in this costume. I love the skirt cause it was nice and flowy material. The styling of the wig I'm not too happy with, but its livable. I was planning to make the rings around her wrists and ankles, but just ran out of time. Maybe next time I wear it I'll be able to do it.

Here are a bunch from Anime North 2005

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