Name: Ma-san
From: UM Jammer Lammy (Playstation)
Worn at: Kariya Photoshoot (august 04)
CN Anime 2004
Cost: Around $40 CND

It all started with Hannah. She had made a Lammy costume for Halloween the previous year. I think it was Lauren who decided, "Hey, lets all make Um Jammer Lammy costumes!" Jen would be the black Lammy, Lauren wanted to be Parappa the Rapper, and I picked Ma-san after being shown a pic of the game characters. So about a month later, I went out and bought some materials and a pattern that fit the costume. Well, it wasn't until later did I realise that nobody else had done anything and the idea kinda died... but because they had found out that I had already bought the materials, they promised me that they would make their costumes soon. About a year later, at CN Anime we all get together to show our costumes off! All except Jen, but she went to the Kariya Park and wore hers there.
That aside, lets get down to the costume making details. Starting from the top: the headband. I bought a dollar store headband, glue gunned some of my fun fur on top of it and sewed on the ears. The dynamite stick is basically a toilet paper roll coved in fabric with pipe cleaners coming out one end of it. The dress was the hardest. I had a hell of a time trying to find a pattern with the heard shaped top. I went through all of the pattern books and only found one; but it was an under dress, and only latter did I realise that it had boning in it. That caused a problem, because neither me nor my mother had ever works with it before, so it was a learning experience for both of us. Boning is really just a bendable but stiff small plastic strip covers in a soft material. It is primary used in corsets and the like. In this case it was used as a substitute for a bra.

After that came the fur wristbands (because I didn't want to make those big paw gloves) which were just strips of fur with 3 rows of elastics so it could to stretched to get my hand through.
The feet were the second hardest. I made them boot covers and each foot took me at least 3 hours to make. When I started trying to make some sort of a pattern, I just trial and errored and ended up making one that was about 10cm longer from the toe of my running shoes. I then made an under shoe-slip of stretchy read material and sewed the fur one over top of the red one and bunching up the fur at the toe end. Then I proceeded to stuff it with cotton, and just sewed a running stitch between the "toes" and pull, thus creating the toes. Yay. The drumsticks were provided by my sister's current boyfriend Kevin. Aww, wasn't that nice of him? So yeah, that was that. Over all I like this costume. Except for the fact that I couldn't wear a bra (it showed in the back) and that I had to be careful when I sat down, it was good. It looks enough like the character Ma-san to be recognisable, that is if the people knew who Ma-san was, and that wasn't a lot... ah well. I'm happy, now here are some pics.

The whole one picture that I own

Pics from Pan-chan

Pics from Anime London

Pics from ikegami Becky's Pictures

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