Here are some links to keep you occupied... They are links that I visit some time to time either for cosplay pics or just for fun! Anyway, enjoy!
Home to Pan-chan! Great site with lots of info on various anime as well as cosplay pics and other random stuff!

Cosplay Patchwork
Home to the wonderful Becky! A site for her cosplay images amongst other such treasures.

Boxed Rice Productions
Home of the members of the cosplay group. It has info on all of the members as well as con pics!
A wonderful place full of pics from past conventions and other cosplay events. Pictures are mostly taken by ikegami.

He hasn't updated in a while, but tis also a nice place to see some more convention photos.

Anime London
Home to more cosplay pictures! You can never get enough.

Final Fantasy Cosplay
Exacly what the name says. All cosplay from VII to XI

Dani's Cosplay Supplies
good online store for all your cosplay needs

great place to get anime/video game merchandise!

Online comic about a couple of gamers stuck in Japan... need I say more?

Wanna link to me? Go right ahead! And you can even use these pretty little pictures! er... I mean picture.... well I will get more sometime soon... I hope.

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