Name: Link
From: Legend of Zelda: Four Swords
Worn at: CN Anime 2004
Cost: Around $25 CND

I think this idea started at the last CN convention. When Idjit was sitting/laying down underneath the mirror encased escalator and whenever a link would pass us by, we would all say "link link link" repeatedly. If we did this to you, I am sincerely sorry. But it was all in good fun.
Then an idea came up that we should make a silly little cheap comfortable costume for CN. And henceforth the links came. Amanda even got a skit idea for the masquerade. She went as the dark link from the Water Temple in Ocarina of Time. Becky went as the dance link from the link rap video and me along with IDJIT when as the Four Swords links. We did such a great job in our dance that we won best artisan! It seems that I never was a novice… was once a journeyman (Lipton's Sidekick at AN 04), and now I am an artisan. I move up pretty fast eh? But I wouldn't even be close without my friends.

Now, on to costume talking. I didn't spend too much time on this one, as seen by the rather poor sewing job and the loose threads here and there… The pattern for the tunic was stolen and modified from one of my night shirts. Oh, and you will notice that the material I used was different from the rest of them. I wasn't the one that picked it out, but I'm told that it was because there wasn't the right colour in the material that Lauren and Hannah were using. For the undershirt, which is really just two sleeves with some material in the middle, I used this very flimsy fabric… flimsy to the point of annoyance. It was hard to lay out the fabric and make it stay while I tried to sew it together. Ah well.

The boot covers were made out of this really soft, stretchy slippery brown fabric. We were afraid that we'd be slipping off the stage while we were dancing, so we had to put some form of a grip on the bottom. I just used some glue gun glue. Worked like a charm. The white tights were just white tights… nothing special or anything. For the hat, I was told to put some stuffing or quilt batting to make it poof up a bit at the top. Lauren had put a little music thing, that you find it cards and such, in the bottom of her hat, so every time she pinched it, it played music!!

The belt was just some material with a stuffed, gold painted, sewed circle as a buckle.
The shield backpacks Hannah made and she made them well! They are heavily interfaced to give them a stiff look, and the design was painted on by Hannah and Lauren. The swords were a combination of all our efforts. Stuffed, painted, mine moused, and sewed up. We have originally wanted them to have squeakers in them… and I got this squeaking mouse downtown but when I tried to sew it in, I silenced it. Whoops. At least you can always tell which one of them was mine…. Well, I've written too much already. On with the pictures!

Some pics of mine

I am your articifial God!

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