Name: Jubei-chan
From: Jubei-chan - lovely gantai no himitsu
[Jubei-chan and the Secret of the Lovely Eye patch]
Worn at: Anime North 2003
CN Anime 2003
Cost: Around $100 CND

When I first watched the absolutely hilarious anime and saw this character, I knew I had to cosplay her. Jubei-chan is a normal middle school girl (as normal as they can get) until she puts on her "lovely eye patch" and turns into a ninja.

The costume itself was in 3 pieces. You have the outer vest and pants (can you call them that?), and then you have the lighter blue clothes underneath. Onto of all of that, you get the decorative stuff like the bow and the black underwear (I felt like a super hero every time I put those on.) The armour on the wrists I just made out of thin cardboard and slipped it into some material, same thing for the eye patch. The sword was carved by my wonderful father ^__^ then I just painted it, wrapped some ribbon on the hilt and made the black thing out of Scultpy. The sword actually broke while I was watching the masquerade at CN >_< Some guy sitting next to me decided not to look where he was stepping while he was trying to get out... grrr. Ah well, accidents happen.

The only things that I didn't make for this costume was the underpants, the navy gloves and the boots (which I borrowed from my sister, then later bought a pair of my own).

I loved how this costume turned out so much, that I didn't want to ruin it by wearing my glasses... so I got some contacts. The one thing that I didn't like was the fact that because of the eye patch, you can only see through one eye, meaning you cant see depth. So there I was, in a crowd of people in a convention trying my hardest not to bump into things.
One thing that I have to confess, a lot of this costume was not made by me, but by my skilful mother who while doing this, taught me how to sew and use her 30 odd year old sewing machine.

Here are a bunch of my pictures. My dad took some of them (the good ones).

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