Name: Inuyasha
From: Inuyasha
Worn at: November TAC 2003
Halloween 2003
Cost: Around $40 CND

Osuwai!! Ah~ so many memories of falling on the floor. This costume was originally made for Halloween '03 and had a homemade wig which tuned out horrible. Fortunately, I lost it, so no one will ever see it again. The second time around was at Tac, for which I had bought a cheep plastic wig that glowed in the dark! But since is was indoubtively plastic, the hair was stiff and constantly got tangled up. Oh how I hate cheap wigs.
Anway, back to the describing the rest of the costume. The stiff red material I got on sale! woo hoo. Mind you I had just enough to cover my costume. Because of the male kimono patern I used was too short in the sleeves, I had to add extra materials to make them bigger, resulting that awful seem line. Ah well. The white bits I just sewed underneath. I didnt have the time nor enough material to make a whole new shirt. The purple beads I found at a bead store downtown (Toronto), though I forget the name of it. And I just used more sculty for the white fangs on the rosary as well as the golden hilt (?) on the sword, painting with nail polish. The blade was wrapped in tin foil giving it that truely fan made look. The poppy that I wear in my pics I got while I was walking home from TAC. Since remembrance day was in a couple of days, I wanted one. Plus it was red and kinda-shorta-not-really matched my costume.

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