Name: Illidan Stormrage
From: World of Warcraft
Worn at: Anime North 2008
Cost: $50 CND

I have been playing WoW for years now and I've always wanted to cosplay from it. My first thought was to cosplay my main character, a Troll hunter. Now they can be tricky with tusks and the fact that they are blue. But in the end, I went with something that is a little more recognizable; Illidan Stormrage, who dwells in the Black Temple.

After you get over the fact that he has purple skin, the rest of the costume was pretty simple. Being a girl myself, I couldn't possible go chest naked, so I came up with the idea of making a mini vest. I could "fake" the purple skin, get the tattoos and still be modest.I ran out of time to construct the wings unfortunately and I'm lacking some details, but I was glad to found out that people still recognized me for the demon I was.

My favorite part was the fur. In spring, trying to find cheap white funfur was impossible. All of the fabric stores I went to were still sold out from the Christmas season, so I had to cringe and buy spend $20 on some really nice soft stuff. The fur felt super soft around my waist, and I'd constantly swish my fingers through it. Thankfully I didn't run into trouble finding some bright neon green fabric. Who knew my mother would have some in the basement? The worst part (aside from having no wings or pointy ears) was the horns. I had sewed them to a headband on the wig, but I had difficulty getting to to sit up right.

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