Youkoso! [Welcome!]

I am a Canadian cosplayer with an improving skill at sewing together costumes, taking pictures at cosplay events and making web pages.

Cosplay (costume play) is to dress up like a character, much so like halloween. Except this is more fun ^_^

Feel free to browse through all of my sites pictures and info, and maybe you can even sign my guestbook while you are at it! Or you can e-mail me directly with any questions/comments/inquires at

Hope you enjoy your stay ^_^

New & Updates

July 29
After a legnthly absense due to my final year university and certain undergrad projects, I've come back! I've reformated and updated the costumes section with my latest ones. Here's what's new:

Illidan Stormrage

Yuffie Kisaragi

Rin Tohsaka

Arika Yumemiya

Yaaaay I have over 9000 5000 hits! Thank you all for being so interested in my constumes and pictures!
May 27

Anime North 2007 pictures are up here! I was busy all of Friday with work and stage ninja-ing for skit contest, so I didn't take any pictures then. On Saturday, my Yuffie costume made it a little awkward to go around grabbing shots of people, and I had other non-anime related plans for Sunday, so I was wasn't there. So I all have is just some mini photoshots of mine and my friends' costumes, as well as some friends not in costume.

I had suffered a general lack of excitment prior to AN, so I wasn't sure if I was going to Fan Expo this year.. but my excitment returned, so count me in!
Feb 12 I admit, I am horrible at updating my own website. But I eventually got around to it. I updated my costume section with my Mina costume (Densha Otoko) and my Asuka costume (Christmas Evangelion).

You should all thank the guy named Taylor. He's the one that persuaded me to update. *claps*

June 4 Fixed all the thumbnails in the Anime North 2006 pictures. Now they don't have that annoying green arrow ^_^ Thank you Pan for suggesting Easy Thumbnails!
May 5
That says it all. I really have to work on updated my site more. Sorry about that.^^;
Ad Astra pics should be up sometime soon.
Oct 18 Finally updated some of the costume section. My Sakura costume from Tsubasa is now up as well as my Tomoyo-hime costume. Comments to be added.
Aug 31 I had alot of time to update my page recently, but my internet connection was down. So now that its finaly up agian I can upload all my updates ^__^

CN Anime pictures are up. Total 243 pictures.
I also did a page on my new Mai costume that I wore. Tomoyo-hime, Atashi and Sakura should be up in a lil while.
Aug 14

Wow... I haven't updated in ages.. sorry guys. Been *very* busy... but I know that that isn't really a goos enough excuse. I got a 9-5 job which took up litteraly all of my time during the week. What lilttle time I had left was used on costuming and taking various trips to Kingston. Now that I have only one week worth of my job left, I find myself finaly getting off my lazy ass to update my site. With Anime North, Northern Anime Festival and various other summer events already gone by, I should probably be getting info for those. I didnt take any pictures this summer as my camera batteries were only lasting 5 pictures. It wasnt until after AN that I got a new pair. Stupid me >< Oh well.

Some of you may have noticed that I redid the right hand side of this page. That has been needing work for a while. So now its fixed ^_^ and for an added bonus, I also coloured up the scroll bar. Yay me. More updates on the costumes that I have finished will come shorlty... and I mean faster than a month.... I promise~!

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