Like tradition, this years CN Anime was held in the Metro Toronto Conventions Center. The convention was actually divided up into 4: anime, comic book, sci-fi and new this year was the horror show. The convention was better than last year in somethings, but the price shot up to $45 CDN.

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Hannah, me and Lauren as an Umjammer Lammy group
Johnny as Ash Ketchum
good pick up line...?
mark and a plushie maker
Grrr! from Invader Zim
the guy from star ocean
Halloween Sora and Yuna
like the bear hat ^_^
Utena cosplayer
with her black friend
...and blacker still
Sailor V
The Naruto cosplayers start...
taking the first break
line of registrating
...up to the top for the dealer's room line
Amanda again
...strawberry girl..?
Cosplayers 101 audience left
audience right
and the panalists Pan and Amanda
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